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We are healthcare copywriters.
Give your healthcare or healthy lifestyle business
a competitive edge.
Hire us to write the words that lead people
to take the action that you desire.

How Is Healthcare Copywriting Different?

Your reader expects medical claims to be backed up by trusted sources.

We provide thorough research and professional (ghostwritten) quality content.

Maximize your marketing return on investment.

  • Email campaigns
  • Landing page content
  • Newsletters
  • Healthcare blogs
  • Thought-leader articles
  • B2B Case studies
  • Guides
  • SEO analysis

Do you have a solid click-through rate, but weak conversion? We can help.

Jenny Barnett
Content Marketer

William Barnett is the co-founder at Barnett Writer.

William Barnett

Our Clients

Major brand names don’t impress us.

We partner with healthcare and healthy lifestyle clients who are passionate about what they do to improve their clients’ lives.

Healthcare providers and B2B vendors

Mission-driven public or private health organizations

Healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine companies

Innovative healthcare startups

It’s about more than clever words and SEO

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