Thought Leadership for Educational and Non-Profit Orgs

Barnett Writer &
Sage Leader

Knowledge. Reflection. Wisdom.

Barnett Writer – Get the Words Right

When asked what compelled him to rewrite the ending of A Farewell to Arms 39 times, Earnest Hemmingway responded, “Getting the words right.”

Bill researches and creates policy briefs, thought-leader articles, and impact stories for educational, non-profit, and other organizations.

He also translates complex ideas into plain language for your audience.

How Sage Leader Supports Academic Professionals

Bill provides institutional consulting and individual coaching for academic administrators and faculty.

Institutional Consulting


Bill’s Story

After 12 years as an academic vice president, dean, and department chair, plus implementing community enhancing master’s programs, and balancing tight budgets while insisting on salary equality and resources for first-generation college students, Bill will guide you or your organization into sage leadership.