Let Your Standards Be Your Guide

What do we mean by let your standards be your guide?

After sending a client what we mutually considered the final draft of a grant application a few weeks ago, the client returned a totally reworked version. At first, we were stunned. Our immediate reaction was to let the client’s draft stand if that’s the way he wanted it. We would be paid regardless of whether the application was successful.

Two hours later, we had second thoughts. After all, we should act to further our client’s best interest which was to obtain funding. So we took a day we did not have and produced yet another draft that seemed to address the client’s concerns but in a way that would provide the best chance for a successful outcome.

Shortly after we sent our new draft, we received a phone call. The client acknowledged having put us in a tight spot since the application’s deadline was only a day away. He thanked us for not just acceding to his version, for taking the time and effort to produce the best draft that we could. Upholding our standards earned our client’s respect. Your values add value.

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