Case Studies

I create case studies that show your potential clients what is unique about your approach.

“Storytelling in the form of case studies came naturally to me after spending my career in high end sales.”

Why Barnett Writer?

I combine my education, which taught me to ask strategic questions, with my career in high-end sales and content marketing.

I’ve been on both sides of the marketing equation, which allows me to tell your business’s success stories in a compelling way.

Case studies build trust. They show your potential clients that any obstacle can be overcome with your help.

Case Studies = Success Stories

Case studies are really client success stories. Like all good stories, they have distinct parts and a memorable arc.


  • Easy to digest: Most are between two to four pages in a user-friendly format.
  • Trust building: They rely on your customer’s voice, especially through quotes, which builds trust quickly.
  • More revenue: Success stories pave the way to new sales and more sales to current customers.
  • Higher marketing ROI: Case studies provide long-term value, or what we call “evergreen content” in the biz.
  • Easily shareable: They can be repurposed or included in blogs, email campaigns, social media, press releases, applications for awards, etc.

Case Study Interviews

Developing interview questions lies at the heart of successful case studies. Further, they include specific, measurable results (whenever possible).

Takeaway: The interview paints you and your customer as heroes.

Key Interview Components – The Success Story Arc
  • Selection of customer who resembles your ideal prospect
  • Positive description of your customer
  • An account of the challenge that they faced
  • How they decided to purchase your product or service (the solution = YOU)
  • The result of implementing the solution

Case Study Formats

Success stories can be presented in multiple formats to engage your audience. Ultimately, all create value.

  1. Text with design and images
    Benefit: Provides more detail, including specific metrics and the text can be repurposed for multiple outlets.
  2. Video with text
    Benefit: This format is easily shared across digital platforms and engages your audience. Primes customer to read more detailed text.
  3. Slide deck
    Benefit: Combines images and detailed quantitative info to leave a memorable impression with your audience.

Our Process

We minimize the time you and your happy client have to invest by using our strategic and effective interviewing method.

  1. Objectives: We discuss your objectives with you before we contact your client.
  2. Pre-Interview: We will ask for basic information from your customer before we conduct a formal interview. This should take no more than 15 minutes.
  3. Interview: The interview will ask about your customer’s challenge and how your product or service uniquely solved their problem. The interview will take 30 – 45 minutes.
  4. Approval: Both you and your client will have an opportunity to review and approve the copy prior to publication.
  5. Design: We will coordinate with your designer or we can recommend our own as you choose.
  6. Celebrate—You’ve created a differentiating success story, which helps both you and your client.

I was really happy to learn that my client chose to partner with Barnett Writer. They craft really compelling stories…some of the best I’ve worked with.

Matt Shapiro, CMO at VYTALIZE Health

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