Our Story

We’ve been so privileged that our story means we’ve helped multiple B2B clients grow their business.

Many people ask us, “What is content marketing?” and, “How is your content marketing strategy different?”

Our content marketing has strategy built in. We know when to integrate conversational copy into professional copy (B2B). We won’t overload your audience with jargon or convoluted phrasing. Instead, we’ll tell your success stories, which help your ideal clients to connect and remember what makes your product or service unique.

What happens when you contact us

  • We’re accessible to our clients. Email us: william@barnettwriter.com or jenny@barnettwriter.com.
  • We will respond within 24 hours to schedule a FREE virtual meeting or phone conversation to learn about your business/organization. Set aside 30 minutes.
    • We will ask strategic questions about your business goals:
      • What are your primary business goals?
      • What challenges do you face?
      • What’s worked in the past?
      • What’s working now?
      • What’s not working now?

William Barnett, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Content Writer

After college (B.A., Wabash College) and graduate school (Ph.D., University of Chicago), I devoted my career to helping students become good researchers and better writers. I also published original research and promotional materials along the way. Throughout, I have tried to improve communication and create a more just society.

When I begin a project for a client, I first ask why the client wishes to engage readers. What is the client’s most basic message? How does a reader benefit from receiving that message? Answers to those questions guide my strategy for producing or revising the words that convey the message.

I often collaborate with other professionals–attorneys, physicians, and educators–to advance projects that improve our community.

Email me: william@barnettwriter.com

Jenny Barnett, M.A.

Co-founder and Storyteller

Originally trained as a physicist, I later developed a passion for the arts and went on to pursue a degree in Museums and Communities (M.A., Trinity College). For my clients, this means that I’ll curate content that gets the desired response while being guided by the data.

If you found your way to Barnett Writer, you probably do things differently. I celebrate that. My mission is to help owners of innovative startups and small businesses, especially women, make their voices heard and promote their brand.

Email me: jenny@barnettwriter.com

Content marketing strategy, this is our story


Boss Kitty

As the namesake of Aslan in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series, I guard against the evil that lurks beyond our hearth. I’m a compassionate, but not tame, companion, who provides comfort and perspective for the humans who live with me.

Often, I feel that they misunderstand my intentions since they try to bar my access to the computer keyboard (they obviously failed this time!). Nevertheless, they feed me (not as much as I would like); so I will allow them to remain for now.

For all consulting needs, I advise you to contact the humans via the white light box. Leave me free to hunt mice, sharpen my claws, and take long naps.

Your story is what sets you apart from your competition.

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