Storytelling for Adults

Storytelling for adults should be engaging and highlight your product or service.

Good writers tell stories. Storytelling for adults involves engaging content that conveys the benefits of your product or service.

You may have noticed that Barnett Writer advocates for you to use case studies to highlight the unique benefits of your business to potential clients.


Because effective case studies tell stories.

Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers

Stephen King’s tips apply to creative storytelling, engaging reports, and even email messages.

Also check out his memoir, On Writing, if you have not already done so.

Wall Street Needs an MFA

As Gordon Gekko says, “Greed is Good.” It takes a fictional character to tell the truth.

Check back as we update storytelling for adults with helpful links and resources to help you tell more engaging stories.

Let us know what writing resources you find helpful.

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