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As an academic administrator, you know that the group(s) that report to you—academic departments, divisions, ancillary support services, etc.—sometimes encounter collective difficulties. For example, differing opinions about revising program goals or methods require resolution for the institution to move forward.

By conducting organized workshops, meetings, or retreats, Bill can help groups get back on track. Such programs are especially effective for reflecting about the mission of higher education, including support for students, faculty, and staff who have been disadvantaged.

Once you register for your free 30-minute consultation, Bill will ask questions to determine how he can help and if there is a need.

What I offer as necessary

  • In-person workshops, meetings, or retreats (half-day, full day, multi-day)
  • Virtual workshops, meetings, or retreats (half-day, full day, multi-day)
  • Consultation events across organizational divisions
  • Concluding reports
  • Assistance with strategic planning, accreditation

Academic professional coach

William Barnett
Professional Academic Consultant

Having served as a faculty member, department chair, academic vice president and graduate dean, I have implemented community-enhancing master’s programs, balanced tight budgets while insisting on salary equity, and provided resources for first-generation and low-income students. As you face the challenges that confront higher education, I’m prepared to help you or your organization on your journey to sage leadership.

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