Effective Case Studies

High Return on Investment

Effective case studies provide evidence based stories that move people. Essentially, They are made up of three critical parts: stories, evidence, and solutions.

Experts consider case studies to be one of the most effective promotional approaches especially for business to business marketing.


The most effective case studies tell a story which illustrates benefits to your potential clients
Content Rules

Tell A Story

Effective case studies are success stories. They show prospective clients how they can benefit from your service or product. However, they’re not all about you. They’re about your best clients. That’s why they work for B2B communication.

Case studies should provide evidence to back up your claims
Research based content reveals benefits

Provide Evidence

Case studies describe the problem that clients face by providing data and
evidence. Often, they tell about a client’s attempted solutions that
proved unsuccessful. Further, case studies must include qualitative or quantitative evidence of success.

Case studies reveal real life solutions to your potential clients
Solutions equal better productivity

Reveal Solutions

Case studies are the ultimate soft-sell. Realistic solutions include continuing challenges; they do not overpromise. Ideally, case studies reveal realistic expectations of cost and time to implement. Moreover, they set up you and your client for mutual success and referrals.

Benefits of Case Studies

  • Assure prospective clients that your product or service works
  • Create good will and encourage participation since case studies promote your business and that of your client
  • Save time and money since case studies can be used repeatedly as a marketing tool
  • Provide a convenient method to deliver your message across multiple digital platforms
  • Offer free added value to prospective clients

Effective Case Studies
in Action

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