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At Barnett Writer we provide health care content that delivers

Health care content should provide information to patients and the general public in plain language. If you provide a service or product to health care organizations, you should consider using case studies and white papers as marketing tools.


If you operate a medical or dental practice, we can help you take care of your community by providing services that you are unable to handle in-house. We recognize that your primary mission is to meet the health needs of your patients. But there are a lot of things that must be done behind the scenes to make that happen. Since we’re experienced in the health care sector, you can count on us to save you hassle, time, and money.

If you represent a company that provides support services, technology, or equipment to health care providers, we can help you communicate what makes you different, why they should do business with you.

Operational Documents

Every health care organization must be HIPAA- and OSHA-compliant. If you need to create or revise relevant policies or documents in these areas, we can help. We can also develop or revise crucial Human Resource policies and documents for your staff.

Hiring the best people possible will lead to success for your organization. We can create position announcements in logical and clear language that will improve your communication with potential candidates. That alone will distinguish your organization from most of your competitors.

Case Studies

You already know that customer testimonials help build trust. But brief reviews often fail to do the trick. People like stories, and we can help you tell your success stories effectively.

We will interview your most satisfied customers, learn how you helped them, and tell the story about how you made a crucial difference for them. We can format the result attractively for a variety of platforms: print, web, slide shows, etc.

Web Content

Patients and customers visit your website to learn about your services and organization. Fully 80% will do so before they ever contact you. If your site fails to provide the health care content information that they seek, clearly and concisely, they will go elsewhere in a matter of seconds.

We will organize and revise your site’s content so that prospective clients can find and understand what they’re looking for. We will also do the back-room research needed to help your site respond to questions that people actually ask.


A lot of printed marketing pieces go into the trash unread. But sometimes nothing other than a brochure, flyer, or press release will do. If you don’t have the in-house talent to produce such materials, we will help.

We will create health care content for your printed material that emphasizes benefits to your clients, not just features about your organization. People want to know what you can do for them.

We can also provide design services for your brochures and flyers, thereby saving you time and money. Click here for an example brochure.

Ghostwriting: Blogs & Op-Eds

Prospective and current clients are more likely to visit your site and contact you if you offer them interesting and relevant information. You can help them stay abreast of developments in health care and, often, in their niche. Making time to create frequent blogs or news items, however, can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

We can help by creating freshly written content, not pre-packaged or reposted blogs. By posting original blogs, you will increase traffic to your site and build an authoritative reputation. As necessary, we can keep the blogs flowing on a regular basis.

Submitting op-eds to online and print publications also enhances your professional reputation and generates interest from prospective clients. We draft authoritative op-eds for you to edit and submit, thereby giving you control over what appears over your name but without the hassle.

Executive Presentations

Business owners and executives are often invited to present their ideas to their peers or the general public. Such presentations might involve speeches at conventions, slide show addresses to civic organizations, in-house communications to employees, or testimony before public agencies and government officials.

Effective communication in these venues requires thorough preparation (think TED Talks). We can create slide shows that won’t bore your audience and speeches that keep your listeners engaged. We’ll help you lose the jargon (except when it’s essential!) and still say what you mean.

Health care content that delivers.

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