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Bill offers higher education content and consulting services to colleges and universities after spending his career in higher education helping students navigate the process as well as generating new revenue streams with very limited resources.

Higher Education Content Services

Are you sick of spending limited endowment money for consulting services and plans that are never implemented? See the Barnett Writer difference. We say what we mean; that means we follow through. Bill will research, collaborate, and coordinate all strategic endeavors to ensure that your planning process stays on track.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

After over 30 years as an academic vice president, graduate dean, and faculty member, Bill knows what works for strategic planning and, perhaps more important, what doesn’t. Two factors make for success in planning: engagement of relevant constituents and continual revision. Otherwise, the result will be stagnant and will have no impact.

To promote engagement and make room for evaluation and revision, Bill will help to create a psychologically safe environment for those affected by the planning process. Often, this is easier for an external consultant than for an in-house administrator to achieve.

Sometimes planning consultants guide the process only until a final document has been produced and accepted. That can leave an institution and participants in the lurch wondering what to do next. Having experienced that outcome more than once, Bill will remain in touch and engaged as necessary to see that the process begins and is able to continue.

Creation of New Academic Programs

Financially and socially, higher education institutions are in continual flux. Questions abound:

    • How can we meet the perceived needs of students?
    • To what extent should we shift our programs to meet those changing needs?
    • How should we decide to curtail or discontinue some programs while increasing or adding others?
    • Which new programs truly fit the mission and ethos of our institution?
    • How can we discern whether the new programs that we are considering will be cost-effective?

Bill has been through those wars. He knows which questions must be addressed and how to probe for answers. The questions and the answers can vary for undergraduate vs. graduate programs. Creating academic programs for adult/graduate students, for example, requires distinct approaches.

If your institution needs assistance in this area, get in touch with a consultant who has done the job and who won’t abandon you. Give Bill a call or send an email message.

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