Not-for-Profit Content

Our not-for-profit content increases donor and volunteer engagement

Not-for-Profit Content Services

Barnett Writer helps you to provide fundamental educational and other resources to your community. Our not-for-profit content connects you to your network, tells your story, and attracts funders and volunteers.

Not-for-Profit Content Research

Smaller organizations often lack staff and resources to conducted needed research for program planning or outreach. Moreover, we can help identify trends and best practices in your specific sector and develop planning and cost estimates accordingly.

Grant Proposals

Bill Barnett discusses the grant process and the strategy that will help your organization receive funding.

Identifying relevant funding sources can be a major headache for most not-for-profit organizations. We can help with finding government and private sources of support for your projects or operating expenses.

Once you’ve identified prospective funders, we can write compelling application narratives that focus on your program’s impact. In addition, we assist with submitting applications according to agency or foundation requirements.

Website Content

Sometimes organizations lack the time or expertise to keep their website content up to date. As priorities shift, it is important to keep the public informed. Continually adding fresh content to your site is also vital to attracting attention, especially on the Internet.

Additionally, we can help with revising program or project descriptions, organization events, newsletters, and original blog posts.


Most organizations must still provide attractive, informative print materials for membership recruitment and marketing. We will provide well-designed brochures, pamphlets, bookmarks, posters, mailing pieces, and other materials–all with not-for-profit content that communicates your message effectively.

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