Web Content

Our marketing content transcends ordinary writing.


Landing Page Content

A good landing page does 3 things.
It attracts visitors, grabs their attention,
and leads them to act.
Action can include seeking more
information, contacting you, or purchasing.
80% of visitors decide in 3 seconds
whether to leave or stay.

Product/Service Descriptions

Client-centered product/service descriptions should
focus on benefits rather than features.
Descriptions must include
information that prospective clients seek.
Catchy writing only gets you so far.
Good marketing content captures your brand’s voice.
Descriptions must be error free.

SEO-Friendly, Organic Content

Longer page stays raise Google rankings, organically.
SEO keyword selection should focus on
moderately popular words and phrases.
Effective use of key words or phrases
must appear natural.
Headlines and headers utilize selected
key words and phrases.

Authoritative Bios

Authoritative bios (or about pages) are not ALL about you.
Information about you
should correlate to what clients find useful.
Clients want to know what you can do and how well.
Most of all, they want to be
reassured that you can help them
solve their problem.


Become an Inbound Leader

Our approach to content marketing directs the marketing funnel toward, rather than away from, you. This is the secret to successful inbound marketing. Clients will begin to
seek you out.

Become Client-Centered

Our approach also helps you to engage clients empathetically. When you provide what clients need and when they feel that you understand them, they are more likely to do business with you.

Your success defines our success.

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